Powers and Functions

The powers and functions of the Council shall be:

  • to endeavour to maintain and enhance industrial peace and to promote sound relations between the parties;
  • to endeavour to prevent disputes from arising, by negotiation and conclusion of agreements on wages, conditions of employment and all matters of mutual interest to employers and employees in the Local Government Undertaking;
  • to administer, supervise and enforce the said agreements;
  • to perform the dispute resolution functions referred to in Section 51 of the Act;
  • to establish and administer funds to be used for resolving disputes;
  • to regulate, through collective agreements the thresholds of representivity for the exercise of organisational rights by trade unions within the sector;
  • to enter into collective agreements on organisational rights and on agency shop or closed shop agreements within the sector;
  • to establish and administer any fund or scheme for the benefit of one or more of the parties or their members;
  • to promote education and training in the Local Government Undertaking;
  • to consider, advise, develop proposals and make representations on any policy issues, legislation or proposed legislation affecting the parties and their members;
  • to seek to determine by collective agreement matters which may not be issues in dispute for the purpose of strikes and/or lockouts;
  • to seek by collective agreement to regulate picketing rules;
  • to seek to regulate essential services through collective agreements on minimum services and representations on the determination of essential services;
  • to seek to reach agreement on forms of consultative forums or committees, to be established in municipalities and to confer on such forums or committees additional issues for consultation;
  • to delegate any of its powers and functions to divisions, committees or employees of the council through collective agreement;
  • to do such other things as provided for in the Act or as may be agreed to by the Central Council from time to time.
History &  Establishment
History & Establishment
With the advent of the democratic dispensation in South Africa in 1994...
Powers and  Functions
Powers and Functions
To endeavour to maintain and enhance industrial peace and to promote sound...
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